Bridge accomplishments are not just measured at the Bridge table. The Northern Alberta Unit 391 has recognized this fact for years & awards the "Player of the Year" award to a player that unselfishly contributes to the game of Bridge in the unit. The recipients of this award are recognized HERE.

Of course, accomplishments are made at the Bridge table too:

  • Peter Jones was a member of the Canadian team which won the demonstration sport ( Bridge Olympiad ) in Salt Lake City in 2002.
  • BJ Trelford & Chris Buchanan won a NABC event the Red Ribbon Pairs in Dallas Texas in 2006.
  • Piotr Klimowicz won the NAOP in Dallas the same year.
  • Piotr Klimowicz was also on the winning CNTC team in 2010 & represented Canada at the world championships in Philadelphia.

Edmonton women have been part of the winning CWTC teams many times:

  • Kiz Fung & Susan Culham with Pat Lopushinsky & Lorna McDonald won the CWTC here in Edmonton in 2002.
  • They have also been on winning CWTC teams in 2008, 2009 & 2010.
  • Kiz Fung was a double Silver medalist at the World Championship at Philadelphia ( Mixed & Womens' Pairs ).
  • Kiz Fung & Susan Culham won the silver medal for the Womens pairs.

And our administrators, club managers, directors, teachers and volunteers are a vital part of our game:

  • Steve Bates has worked his way up the Tournament Director ranks to the top; he's a National Tournament Director.

Edmonton has been a fertile ground for good Bridge and for people in a variety of roles. Its up to all of us in Unit 391 to keep it that way for decades to come.

Wall Of Fame

Kiz Fung & Susan Culham

World Championshp Silver Medalists
Philadelphia 2010

Piotr Klimowicz

NAOP (2006) & CNTC (2010)